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We are a functional medicine health clinic that restores people's health and quality of life.

We use the latest advancements in diagnostic testing to uncover underlying dysfunctions.

We are able to uncover often overlooked factors that have a dramatic impact on your health.

Become Healthy. Do it Naturally. Live the Life You Were Meant to Live.

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How We Work

At the Wild Side Wellness, we aim to equip you with the tools and education to uncover and address the root cause of your health issues and restore you to optimum health. We aim to offer a unique perspective by putting you in the driver’s seat.

Our goal is to partner with you and provide you with all the tools that you need to restore your health.

We will dig through the dirt to uncover what is contributing to your chronic health issues, not just mask the symptoms. It is absolutely critical to your outcomes that you uncover what is going on below the surface, since this is what leads to chronic health issues.

We do all this because at the Wide Side Wellness we believe you deserve the best possible health outcomes.

Individual Comprehensive Health Assessment

Dr. Kallonen, ND customizes health plans based on an extensive health history, the patients goals and comprehensive lab testing that look at the body's complex systems and their function. During your initial webcam or in-person consultation Dr. Kallonen, ND will extensively review your personal and family history, review labs you may have and go over health goals and expectations, and answer any questions you have.

The cost of the consultation with Dr. Kallonen, ND is $200.

Metabolic Reset Program

In addition to one-on-one care, Dr. Kallonen, ND has also developed the Metabolic Reset Program.

This 10 week program can be completed virtually as well as in person and is guaranteed to result in 20-40lb weight loss and exercise is not recommended.

The program focuses on detoxification, blood sugar balance, hormones, gut health and mindset. Once systems are in balanced and health is optimized weight loss becomes effortless and sustainable longterm.

Holistic Health Coaching

Alternatively, you can set up a consultation with a lead health coach instead of Dr. Kallonen. ND. The consultation with the health coach trained by Dr. Kallonen, ND and the Health Coach Institute is $197. Dr Kallonen will still be managing and overseeing your health case if you choose this consultation option.

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